Disney’s Descendants

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Hello there !

Now… Let’s talk about this cool movie!

Disney’s Descendants is about the sons & daughters of your favorite Disney heroes & villains. Not only that, The Isle of the Lost is an island which contains all the villains. All of the villains were imprisoned there. Prince Ben (son of Beast & Belle)  is the upcoming King of USA (United States of Auradon). His first ever proclamation is to let the villain’s kids to study in their place. Isn’t is cool! What do think would happen??? If you’re to curious to find out, watch it 😀

And this movie is a MUSICAL!!! This is actually a sequel to the novel “The Isle Of The Lost” written by Melissa dela Cruz. And I read the novel too!!!

(cr. to the owner of the pic)

I’m a total Descendants FAN ! ! ! 😀 The novel is all about on how they met, how they really dislike each other (at first), how they got Maleficent’s scepter and how they become friends and all that~ 😀

Now, let’s meet the characters:

Mal (Dove Cameron) is Maleficent’s daughter.

Evie (Sofia Carson) is The Evil Queen’s daughter.

Carlos (Cameron Boyce) is Cruella de Ville’s son.

Jay (Booboo Stewart) is Jafar’s son.

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This is the trailer:

Want to see more pictures? Here’s Disney Wiki’s Gallery:

Descendants Gallery

This is a MUST WATCH film!!!

I mean If you’re a disney fan, you should really watch this!!! And the soundtrack is super cool!!! All of the songs are catchy! 😀 I can’t stop listening to them!!! My favorite songs are: Rotten to the Core (Evie version), If Only, Did I Mention, and Set It Off!!!

This movie is so AWESOME ! I watched this like 9 times already (really, no kidding). 


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