My SHINee Cap :D


Yes, this is Lee Taemin’s design for Skechers… But… my bias is Choi Minho… Why don’t I have Minho’s design? Well, to be honest, I love Jonghyun’s design… 😀 But the question still remains, why and how I got Taemin’s cap…

This was a birthday present for me from my mom and sis. They also gave me a photobook of SHINee’s Surprise Vacation, which I haven’t took the picture yet. But this is what it looks like:

(cr. to the owner of the pic)

Ok, so let’s go back to the topic. I really love Jonghyun’s… But the only available is Taemin’s… So that’s why~ But I also like his catchy design of paper clips that form as his birthday~ 😀

Oh, (this just popped into my head) they were once a model for Etude House right?! And if you remember this:

(cr. to the owner of the pics)

I was really hoping in having Minho’s lip balm shade… But guess what?! I had Taemin’s too… Because Minho’s was sold out. But Taemin’s shade is also adorable! 😀 So… It’s ok! 😀

I hope soon, I will get a Minho merchandise 😀


4 thoughts on “My SHINee Cap :D

  1. Oh my gosh I wanted those lip balms so bad (Minho’s shade, too) but everything I want is always sold out!!! Like their perfumes they made–I wanted Taemin’s but only Minho’s was available. But they’re all good 😀 The perfumes bottles are too cute, btw! ❤

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