Do I listen to non-Kpop songs?

The answer to that question is . . .


I really love English songs as well!!!

You might be wondering who are the artists I listen to most of the times… well they are:

Demi Lovato

Taylor Swift

Against the Current (Band)

Echosmith (Band)

Meghan Trainor

Sofia Carson

Charlie Puth

Victoria Justice

Hailee Steinfeld

and many more…

Oh, I also listen to tons of awesome Youtube artists! Like:

Kurt Hugo Schneider

Kina Grannis

Max Schneider

Sam Tsui

Madylin Bailey

Macy Kate

Sofia Karlberg

Megan & Liz

and many more!

How about you guys… Who are your faves? 😀


One thought on “Do I listen to non-Kpop songs?

  1. For non-k-pop, there are quite a few.

    I’m not much for the pop music we get in the States, but Michael Jackson has some great songs.

    I’m also into a little j-pop; KOKIA being my favorite ❤ ayaka seems pretty good, but I haven't gotten around to listening to her much. Ayumi Hamasaki has some good ones, too, but lots of her music seems to be too much alike 😛

    I can even listen to some classic oldies.

    My biggest love for music would have to come from video games. Mostly JRPG music: Final Fantasy, etc 😀

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