Our dog pranked our other dog

Yup, the title kinda says it all…

But let me get into details…

Ok, so our dogs are chowchows… And two of them are in the garden. Then Samantha (our female red chowchow who’s more than ten years old) was barking loudly, nonstop… And I looked from our window to see what’s happening. I saw her barking at our 6 month old chowchow (Maximus, male cinnamon) who’s lying on the ground and he’s not moving any muscle at all…. At first I was really scared! I was nervous on what’s happening! Is Maximus ok??? Then I suddenly called his name and he got up right away… I think he was “playing-dead”. I really think that Maximus pranked Samantha… And also me 🙂

Ok, that’s it 🙂



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