K-Variety Show Running Man

(cr to the owner of the pic 🙂 )

Ok, I must confess, I have watch every single episode of Running Man. And I must say that I’m a total fan of this variety show! 🙂

At first, I just watched episodes when Choi Minho (SHINee) and SNSD (Girls’ Generation) are guests… But as I watch the episodes, I just got hooked on watching them! It’s so ENTERTAINING! Then, we (my mom, sis and I) started to watch episodes that the “guests” of the show are familiar to us, and as we watch them… we’re getting familiar to the main stay members of the show… And we decided to watch the very first episode! Then the rest is history~

They have been to lots of countries already… And somehow I wish that they would be filming here as well…

I’m hoping to  see an R sign somehow…

(cr to the owner of the pic 🙂 )

Oh, I didn’t explain what Running Man is…

Well, Running Man is a Korean Variety show from SBS. It started 2010! It’s a race, but in a very funny, entertaining way~ It’s like The Amazing Race! And they have this very famous game called “The Nametag Ripping”. Every player has a nametag attached at the back of their shirt. Once it’s ripped your out… (but sometimes there are twists… which are really exciting).

To know more about it, here’s the wikipedia link.

There are tons of games that are played in this variety show! And it’s really fun to watch! We even watch episodes twice or thrice! 😀

If I would be in a team, I would like Yoo Jaesuk, Song Ji Hyo, and Lee Kwang Soo to be a part of my team! 😀

I hope you guys will watch this amazing variety show too!!!

Have fun & take care!



13 thoughts on “K-Variety Show Running Man

  1. Since I like SHINee and SNSD, I only saw that recent one; with Minho and the girls. It was pretty cool to see Minho run so fast! And when Sooyoung was smooth talking Minho… XD

    If BoA was in one, then I would like to see that. Or if SHINee and/or Girls’ Generation were in others, I’d liked to watch those sometime when I get a chance.

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