Disney Descendants The Game

OMG!!! I’m so excited that this game is FINALLY available in our country!!! And I’m so so happy because of this!!!


I totally love the book (Isle of the Lost), totally love the movie, the characters an everything about it!!!

Ok, so let’s talk about the game~

At first, I installed it on my phone,

descendantsgame14but it keeps on saying that I need like 700mb for the space… And I uninstalled some apps that I have just for this, then I suddenly thought that what if my laptop can install the game? And thankfully, my laptop is Windows 8.1!!! (I haven’t upgraded it to Windows 10…)


And so… I decided to play it on my laptop and I uninstalled it on my phone!


Here are some pictures from the game!!!



Me & Prince Ben at the school entrance


Me and Mal


Me & Evie


Me, Jay, & Carlos


Mal ❤ Ben


Mal, Ben, Carlos & Doug


Lonnie, Mal, Ben & Audrey


Me, Lonnie, Mal, and half of Ben (lol!)

Look at the backgrounds!!! It’s so cool!!! It really looks like from the movie!!! And their outfits!!!!! It’s so awesome!!!

Oh and you can also buy and change your outfit as well!!!




You will have some quests / missions to do… And sometimes, you need to wait to do some tasks… 😀

I hope you Disney & Descendants Lover can also play this game!!! 😀

jham blue


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