Awesome Movies we’ve watched this week

Here are some movies we’ve watched this week!!! 😀

Don’t worry, no spoilers will be posted ^_^

I was really waiting for this movie!!! When I watched this, I really felt tired because of the things that happened in the movie! I can’t wait to see Death Cure next year! 😀

Another awesome film! It’s so intense!!!

Wah! Ant-man! Very funny!!! The fight scene on the last part was kinda funny but totally awesome!!! And I got to see Chris Evans (Captain America) at the very end! 😀

Even if this one is a TV movie, it sure is cool!!! He accidentally pretended to be a vamp! Why? Just watch the film! It’s funny too!!! 😀

Have you watched any of this films?

jham blue


2 thoughts on “Awesome Movies we’ve watched this week

  1. I like the Marvel movies—some more than others—so I wouldn’t mind watching “Ant-Man”, but I haven’t seen any of these movies. I guess some of these just aren’t my type 😛 I’m really not big on movies much, either.

    I’m waiting for “Star Wars” 😀 Are you into Star Wars, HC?


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