Peanuts The Movie

This movie is full of adventure, cuteness and honesty! 😀 If you want something to watch that will make you smile and laugh for a while, this is a movie to watch for you! ❤

Ok, so basically… I just know Charlie Brown, Snoopy and Woodstock… I don’t know the other characters name until I watched this film! And I’m really glad that I’ve watched it already! 🙂

To know a bit more of the characters…

Charlie Brown










At first, I thought that the film was like for kids… but as I continued watching it, I was entertained and touched! And towards the end… I think I want more to watch… 🙂

(All of the pictures are not mine) 




2 thoughts on “Peanuts The Movie

  1. Yeah, “Charlie Brown” is good for all ages, young and old. It gives us morals and good lessons in life, while keeping it entertaining and relatable. I’ve yet to see this movie, but I’ll be sure to check it out sometime or another.

    I know the original series, so I know all these guys. 😉

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