Goosebumps Movie

Ok, I’ve watched this maybe 2 weeks ago… And I forgot to post something about this!

It’s about the writer R.L. Stine and all his fantasy, mystery books that came to life!

This movie is almost 2 hours long, but you will feel that you’ve just watched if for a short time, because it was fun, really entertaining and so mysterious!

Trailer of the movie:

I was a bit freaked out to SLAPPY, he’s a ventriloquist doll… and those things kinda freak me out…

But it’s ok… 🙂

If this movie will have a sequel, I will definitely watch it! But I really think it will have because of the ending…

What’s in the ending?



You’ve been warned…

The invisible boy didn’t got back to the new book!!!!

And I’m so happy that the girl became a REAL human girl…  😀


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