Special Tikoy


This is my very first time eating this kind of food! 😀

Tikoy is a Chinese New Year Cake… And somehow, it’s like a rice cake…


The instructions on how to cook them is there already… So I followed the steps and cooked this Tikoy! 😀


Beat the egg and slice the Tikoy, then soak the slices onto the egg.


Deep fry until golden brown.


And there you have it!

It tasted good! Crunchy on the outside but soft and chewy in the inside! Have you ever tasted Buchi? It kinda tastes like that, except with out the sesame seed and the filling inside! It’s fun to cook and it’s also tasty! This will not be my last time eating this! 😀



12 thoughts on “Special Tikoy

  1. American Chinese food is different then eating it really from China. They Americanize things and it usually tastes better.

    Not sure how that works for Korean/Japanese food XD But I hear it’s better from the countries.

    I wouldn’t mind trying that, honeycrunch! 🙂

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