Movie Review: Room

The first movie we’ve watched for 2016.

No spoliers. 

I’ll tell you something about the story,

It’s about a mother and son trapped inside a small room. They were held captive there for years. Jack (the son) was born there and also raised there for five years. Her mom, Joy got kidnapped when she was 17. She tried to help a man who said that “he lost his dog”, but the man “Old Nick” kidnapped her and hid her on the shed.

Ok… I won’t go any further.  

Here’s the trailer for it:

This is a good movie to start the year. The actors were very convincing and they really let the viewers feel what they were feeling. Even how the camera and the scenes were shot was amazing! I really love it. It will make you nervous and it will let you cry. The kid, Jacob Tremblay and the mom, Brie Larson really nailed it! The ending was really good! It really ended well. It’s a must watch film! I haven’t seen anything like this!



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