Grease Live!

Let’s talk about this EPIC live television musical movie, Grease.

cr. to the owner(s) of the pictures

This is based on the movie musical, Grease (1971).

Wow, just wow!!! Everything in the movie is super entertaining!!! Lots of things are happening!!! I can watch this again and again! If you’re a fan of musicals, you MUST watch this!!! It’s a LIVE musical that you can watch on tv!!! From the costumes, sets, the camera changes, the choreography, the talented actors & actresses, the amazing crew, the graceful dancers… It’s super AMAZING!!! I just love it!!! When it ended, I said, “Oh no… I want more!!!” I hope they do this other kinds of musical on tv too!!! ❤ Their voice, aw~ so good~ 🙂



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