Got my hair done at “Tony & Jackey”


I’ve been wanting to have hair highlights for a long time… And the time has come…

When you go inside the salon, they will great you “Annyeonghasaeyo!” (Hello / Hi) Yes, the Korean language! 😀

I think this Salon is from South Korea… 😀

These are the hair colors available: (which are also Korean)


And some of you may know what my favorite color is…


And it’s blue… And we go for the color “Marin Blue”!!!

First, they bleached the tips of my hair, so that the color of Marin Blue will easily color my hair… I liked the outcome when they bleached it too…


After that… They colored it with Marin Blue…



I LOVE IT!!! ❤ I think I’m gonna cry because of happiness!!! 😀

It turned out to look like a bit of blue & green! 😀

The staff were friendly & very accommodating!

And when you’re done they will say “Kamsahamnida” Korean for “Thank you” 🙂



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