4-11-16 TRAVEL TO TAGAYTAY PART 2: Puzzle Mansion


We went to “Puzzle Mansion”. And it is a part of Guinness World Records because inside the mansion, there are tons of puzzles inside!

Let’s look at the great view first…


Do you see that blue mansion below? That’s “Puzzle Mansion”!


It’s far right? Far down…

There are 2 ways to get there, here’s the first way… The road is really steep. We didn’t use that road, because it was kinda scary… We looked for another route.

We took the other route… And the way to “Puzzle Mansion” is really far down… We thought we weren’t be able to go there… But one of the people said that there is a shuttle that you can ride. Oh yeah~ So we rode the shuttle going down and going back up. It costs 10 php per person, going down and returning upwards.

And this is the shuttle:


It’s in color blue 😉

And when we rode it, wah~ it was like we were in a roller coaster!!!

These are the tickets:



I guess this is the bed and breakfast of it.


And this is the way inside the mansion:


Here are some of the puzzles inside:


That’s it! I hope you guys enjoyed this post!!! ❤




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