Potato Chips


These are new in town… And we bought all 3 flavors of it to taste them out! They are Japanese Favorite Potato Chips from “Jack N Jill”. The flavors are: Wasabi, Classic Salted and Cheddar Sour Cream.

Let’s first talk about the Wasabi flavor. If you want to experience a new taste of potato chips, you have to try this one. But I must say, once you chew it, wait for like 2-3 seconds, then the wasabi taste will hit ya! I guess this will be my first and last attempt to eat wasabi flavor chips.

Second, Classic Salted. Yum! I like this better than Lay’s! ❤ It’s plain salty but delicious!

Lastly, Cheddar Sour Cream… The flavor says it all! Love how the flavors were mix together! 🙂

I will definitely eat Classic Salted & Cheddar Sour Cream again! 😀


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