Watched: Captain America Civil War

Oh yeah! Yesterday, we watched Captain America Civil War!  #TeamCap 🙂 I will not put any spoilers about the film… If you want to ask anything… or have a conversation about the film, you can leave a comment below 😉

I love the twist of the story! And the scene of #TeamCap VS #TeamIronMan was EPIC!!!!! That’s my favorite part of the movie!!!

I just can’t wait to see Spider-man! 😀


11 thoughts on “Watched: Captain America Civil War

  1. I saw it! 😀

    Yeah, I thought Spider-man was pretty good. I don’t think the movie was as good as the first two (Winter Soldier remains the best one for me); but I think they did a decent enough job in making it feel like a Captain America movie, even though it still had all those other characters in it. I still find Iron Man annoying — TeamCap for sure!

    Oh! And I’ve never watched Ant-Man, so I had no idea who that guy was at first. 😛

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    • Oh yeah!
      Iron-Man doesn’t listen to his teammates… 😦
      I will surely wait for Spider-man the movie! I think his gadget from Tony Stark was awesome 🙂
      The battle between Cap & Iron man was EPIC!
      You should really watch Ant-man… It’s totally funny and cool! 😉
      And it was Ant-man’s first time attempt on being that huge! 😀

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