Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Review

I wasn’t expecting that this movie will be spectacular!

I love zombie movies! In fact I watch The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead. I also watch zombie movies! 🙂

This film is action – thriller – comedy! And it’s based on a novel by Jane Austen, Seth Grahame-Smith.

I love it because it’s different from other zombie movies I’ve watched! Because it was set on the 19th century! But not only that, the 5 sisters (Elizabeth, Jane, Lydia, Mary, and Kitty Benett) were bad-ass fighters! They’re not your average ladies! Lily James (from Cinderella) played Elizabeth Benett  and Sam Riley (from Maleficent) played Fitzwilliam Darcy , they’re tandem looks so cool on screen!

The action scenes, and their 19th century weapons were awesome!

I love how Elizabeth Benett & Fitzwilliam Darcy’s love story unfolds! And also Jane & Mr. Bingley’s 🙂 Collins’ character is funny!

Oh and the scene where Elizabeth caught the flies! I totally love that!

The ending of the movie is a huge cliff-hanger! I hope it gets a sequel movie. I have read that there’s a prequel & sequel novel for this.

I totally recommend you watching this if you like zombie movies! 😀

Here’s the trailer of the movie, in case you’re interested:

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