Upcoming Kdramas of 2016 I’ll surely watch


I’ve been watching “Entertainer” (kdrama)… and this week is their finale… And you know what that means… We need to find a drama that is intriguing and has a remarkable plot! 🙂 But sometimes, I don’t read the plot… I just watch a kdrama base on whose the actors & actresses or sometimes if the writer’s the same with the other kdrama that I watched that I totally like & enjoy!

Here are two of the kdrama that I will really watch:

  1. W, starring Lee Jong Suk & Han Hyo Joo.

Why do I want to watch this? It’s because it’s Lee Jong Suk & Han Hyo Joo! I watched their dramas & movies! And I think this drama is going to be awesome because of the mysterious trailer!!! 😀

Oh yeah~ Action scenes!!! 😀

Wait… are they on a different time?!? I mean different year? Well… I don’t know… It’s just a huge guess… And it looks very intriguing!!!

2. The Legend of the Blue Sea, starring Lee Min Ho & Jun Ji Hyun

And as for this drama… the writer of this is Park Ji Eun, who is also the writer of the dramas “Man from the Stars” & “Producer” which I totally enjoyed! And look at the two main leads! Lee Min Ho & Jun Ji Hyun, I mean who wouldn’t watch this!?! 🙂 There are no trailers for this at the moment, it’ll air on November… So I guess we’ll have to wait to see the mermaid story from Korea’s first collection of unofficial historical tales.

That’s the two that I will definitely watch! How about you? Which kdrama(s) are you looking forward to?



3 thoughts on “Upcoming Kdramas of 2016 I’ll surely watch

  1. And I’m looking forward lot of drama : Unctrollably Found (Suzy and Kim Woo bin ) , W (Lee jong suk ) , 38 Avenue Commune unit(Seo In guk) , Doctors (Kim rae won and Park shin hye ) 😍😍✨

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