X-men Apocalypse

Just watched this yesterday… and

everything was awesome! All of the things you really don’t know about X-men (for comic readers… maybe they know that this will happen in this story…) was unfolding bit by bit!

Because it’s one of the prequels of the X-men franchise, you must watch it if you watched the older version movies of it! Now I know a bit of Magneto’s lonely and depressing background, and I didn’t know Storm was once a villain, and I’m totally curious why Mystique is a villain on the later X-men films… Oh and now, I know the reason why Professor X’s  hair is gone.

Spoliers ahead. You’ve been warned.

I didn’t expect that Magneto had children! It was so sad that his wife & daughter got accidentally killed by the police officers… 😦 And his daughter had powers too! I think it’s the ability to speak to animals… or maybe control the animal… I don’t know  for sure, but that’s what I saw… And he also has a son! He is Quicksilver, and he is the twin of Scarlet Witch… You know from Avengers… Ok, so… moving on… I love the scene  where he saves all of the students from Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. That was really cool! 🙂

Wolverine was there, he was like out of his mind killing the guards for 5 minutes! He was freed by Jean Grey, Scott (Cyclops) and Nightcrawler.

There are tons of things happened!!!

I totally can’t wait for the next movie for this, but I guess a “Wolverine” movie will be up first before another X-Men.

If you haven’t watch it… Here’s the trailer:


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