Yellow Cab’s Ice Creams

yellow cab ice creams 1

There are four flavor of ice cream that are available on Yellow Cab, they are Nutty Pistachio, Dark Chocolate, Vanilla Bean and Strawberry Fields. But we’ve only bought 3 of them, not that we don’t like strawberry… The reason is we didn’t have enough money that time… LOL 🙂 Each of the, costs 130php each.

Let’s look at the lovely tin can containers…

yellow cab ice creams 2yellow cab ice creams 3

Aren’t they adorable?! After eating them, you can keep those and use them to keep things… 🙂

Nutty Pistachio:

Nutty Pistachio 1

This is the first flavor that we’ve tasted among the three.

Nutty Pistachio 2

At first bite, you will taste it to be a little odd… But when you keep on eating it, you will slowly taste the pistachio flavor! It’s really good to be honest, I think this is my first time trying a pistachio flavored ice cream! 🙂

Nutty Pistachio 3

It’s crunchy and yummy! I will definitely eat this again!

Dark Chocolate:

dark chocolate 1

We are all familiar with the taste of Dark Chocolate… 🙂

dark chocolate 2

It’s very creamy… And  chocolatey, but not too sweet, because it’s dark chocolate…

dark chocolate 3

Nothing really different with the taste. But it taste good. 🙂

Vanilla Bean:

vanilla bean 1

You can see those tiny black spots… Those are the beans 🙂

vanilla bean 2vanilla bean 3

Taste like normal vanilla ice cream! But not too sweet! Which I totally like 😉

I would totally buy them again! Not only because of the tin cans… It’s because of the yummy taste 🙂 An I’ll try the Strawberry Field flavor soon! 😉

Which tin can is your favorite? 🙂



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