Stranger Things + Review

When I was browsing online last three days ago, I bumped to this 8-episode series that is available to watch on Netflix. It’s a mix of thriller, sci-fi, mystery and a bit of comedy (i guess).  It ‘s set on the 80’s which totally amazes me… All of the stuffs there were from the 8o’s… 🙂

I started watching this because of the positive comments I read… And I was curious, so I watched all of the 8 episodes in 2 days (well, I really could’ve watch it in one day… but I suddenly thought of painting my nails…) . All of the actors & actresses are good! Really! Even the kids! And the visual effects, totally great! The story is very intriguing and I want to watch more of it~

If you’re into sci-fi and mysterious things… “Stranger Things” is a perfect show for you to watch! 😀

Here’s trailer 1 & 2:


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