WOMP: TKE- 28th of August

womp kpop edition

I’ll be doin’ this kind of post more often… 🙂 I’ll start it with a Kpop Edition 😉

To those who don’t know… I am a Kpop fan! 🙂 And I even listen to Kdrama songs as well!

This is a list with no particular order, because I play it on shuffle 😉 And I added a youtube link to it, in case you want to listen to them.

  1. Goodbye – Taemin (SHINee) I really don’t know which version (Japanese ; Korean) I totally prefer more. Both of them sounds so cool!
  2. Ring My Bell – Suzy (Miss A) This is from her drama “Uncontrollably Fond”. I haven’t watched this drama of hers. But when I listened to it, I really liked it!
  3. Very Nice – Seventeen I’m really enjoying every comeback of Seventeen, and I think I’m a Carat (fan of Seventeen) now! 🙂 It’s an up beat song that’ll make you dance and it will make you say “Aju Nice” out loud!
  4. Dream (Club Live Version) – Baekhyun (EXO) & Suzy (Miss A) I like the “Club Live Version” more. And their voices match perfectly, perfect for relaxing!
  5. Pretty U – Seventeen  This song is just cute! And I love their choreography!!! You have to check it out if you haven’t!
  6. Danger – Taemin (SHINee) This song is my favorite on “Super Star SM Town” App! I love playing this song!!! And I’m really loving the beat~
  7. Starlight – Taeyeon (SNSD) feat. Dean I’m in love with this song!
  8. Born to be Wild – Triple T [Hyoyeon (SNSD), Min (Miss A), Jo Kwon (2AM)] feat. JYP Hyoyeon is my bias in SNSD, and this song is good! And it’s catchy!
  9. Meet me on Friday – IU feat. Jang Yi Jeong (History)  This song never gets old for me~
  10. Re-bye – Akdong Musician They’re my favorite sibling duo! I love every song of them

That’s it! Those are the 10 Kpop songs I’m listening to right now!!! I hope you check them out!

Do you listen to any song in particular on my list?

What song on my playlist did you check out?

Do we share the same taste in music?

Answer them on the comment section!!! 😉


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