Let’s Fight Ghost +Mini Review + Update

Done watching all 16 episodes of this drama!

It’s a mix of horror, comedy, romantic genre! The facing of the story didn’t bore me at all! The story unfolds bit by bit, especially on the 2nd half of the drama. The fight scenes were awesome! 🙂 It’s really fun to watch! I like In Rang & Chun Sang’s duo! Most of their scenes made me laugh! I love how it ended… I’m really happy that the Sunday Soup is still on business! I will miss this drama!

But there were parts that I hope it was different. I hope Hyun Ji remembers all the things she’ve done with Bong Pal when she was a ghost. Oh and on the last episode, when Hyun Ji saw her friend when she was a ghost, I would really like if they remembered each other, that they’re close friends when they’re ghosts.

I’m glad that Hyun Ji’s mom finally accpets Bong Pal! 😀 And Hye Sung and his mom are finally talking to each other like normal mother and son would do…

I guess that’s it!!!

If you haven’t watched it yet, here’s the trailer of the drama


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