Master’s Sun + Review

You might be saying that I’m too late for watching this drama… It was originally aired August of 2013, and I just watched it 3-4 days of September 2016 🙂

I was hesitant to watch this drama… I don’t know why~ But the time has come! And I’ve watched! This drama kept me busy for the past 4 days~

This drama is a mix of horror, drama, romantic and comedy. The first episode was very intriguing, and I watch more and more. I won’t go much to the story’s detail (because y’all might now the story already because it was so popular when it was aired).  But to give you something about it… Gong Sil (Gong Hyo Jin) can see ghosts after waking up in a coma, when Gong Sil  met and accidentally touches Joong Won (So Ji Sub) the ghosts that she sees suddenly vanish. If you wanna more about it, visit this link.

This is the kind of drama that will keep you up at night (not because of the creepy ghosts, but kdrama lovers that gets scared with some creepy ghosts might be) because you want to continue on watching it because of the cliffhangers of every episode.

The twist in the 3rd to the last episode was really good!!! It made me think and made me a bit confused at first, then I really put my thoughts together and I was right! 🙂

I love dramas that makes you think about what will happen…

This is one of the dramas that I truly enjoyed, and I’m recommending it for you to watch 😉

It has 17 episodes, but I think if there was an 18th episode it would be better. There are so many scenes that I was still looking forward to and I had questions in my mind… Like:

  • I hope there was a wedding scene for Gong Sil & Joong Won (Because he wants to get married first before the daughter of the “Trash can ghost”)
  • When Joong Won shook the beer in Gong Sil’s house. I was waiting for a scene where Kang Woo would open the can and it will burst to him.
  • I wanted to see Joong Won’s reaction if his Aunt told her that she was pregnant.
  • Oh, and after Hee Joo was caught, I didn’t see any sign of the Chairman (Joong Won’s father).

I’ve got many questions after watching… But I forgot some of them… Those were some that I remember 🙂

All in all, it was enjoyable, a bit scary, funny and sweet!  And every episode, a ghost story ends. It’s worth watching. And the actors have really good chemistry! I’m so glad that finally I watched it!

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