W: Two Worlds + Review

One of the most talked about dramas of 2016 just ended. And I finished watching it last night…

When I started watching this… I was so hooked and I was highly anticipating for the next week to come for new episodes. Everything was mysterious and I was curious on what will happen to the story next. When I was on the eighth episode… I kinda lost interest in watching it… But I continued to watch, because I wanna know how it’ll end… I’m not gonna recap the whole drama… I just want to share some of my thoughts about it.

The plot is very different from any dramas I’ve watched. I just expected too much I guess…

There are many questions in my mind after watching all the episodes…

  • How and why the tablet of Yeon Joo’s dad is like that. I mean it wasn’t explained why on earth the tablet can do such things… Does it have magical powers?!?
  • It wasn’t explained how they teleport to the real world & the manhwa world. (It was just explained that if they wanted to go to the real world / manhwa world, all they have to do is to think about it and it will happen. What I’m asking is the explanation on how can it work… Maybe magical powers, again.)
  • How did Kang Chul get back to the real world after 2 years of imprisonment? It was said that they can’t teleport because the manhwa had it’s final episode. Is it because of Yeon Joo’s Dad’s letter to Chul???
  • Why did he have to wait for 2 years, when everyone knows that Kang Chul from the manhwa is already dead?
  • Why are the two worlds connected? How did the manhwa came to life? Is it because of Kang Chul?
  • Why does the manhwa “W” self-publishes right away on the website without anyone uploading it?

I don’t know… Some things are really mixed up… I didn’t get the explanation I was hoping for.

The start of it was really good! But the ending… I mean the ending was “ok” Kang Chul & Yeon Joo is in the real world and living happily every after… I guess they didn’t know how to end the story… They didn’t know how to explain how things works… Oh and what was the use of the creepy picture from the beginning???

All in all, the first half was really great, so intriguing and you want to watch more. But the last half… I guess I just lost interest… If you wanna watch something different, you must watch it. 🙂 It would be better if the whole story was clearly explained.

What are your thoughts about the drama? Comment now! 😉

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