Finding Dory + Review

What’s up lovely people from the internet!

It’s time for another movie review, and this time… It’ll be a Disney-Pixar movie! (I love Disney-Pixar films (except Cars *sorry*) )

So let’s get started!

I’m not a really big fan of the movie “Finding Nemo” but I watched it because it’s Disney-Pizar… So I was hesitating on watching “Finding Dory”…

So yeah~

It started with baby Dory *flash back people*…

\Isn’t she cute~\

But I’m not going into full details… I never did a full detailed movie review… Hehehe 🙂

Maybe seeing this cute, adorable baby Dory made me curious and made me wanna continue watching. Since she was a baby, she suffered from short term memory lost (isn’t that sad… I mean I know Dory has a short term memory lost since “Finding Nemo”, but I didn’t know that she has it when she was still very young). 

 She’s always with her mom & dad… she plays with them too… And then, here comes the present time~

Dory’s still with Nemo and his dad, Marlin (if I’m correct with his name). Nemo’s going to school and having a field trip~ Marlin didn’t want Dory to come with *what am I doing? I think I’m telling the story…* But Dory misunderstood and accidentally became a teacher’s assistant for the field trip… Then as the conversation goes… they talked about family and stuff… then suddenly, she remember something about the past, about her parents… And that’s it… I think I will not continue telling the story… and I will just go with my review part… If you got curious, go and watch it! I don’t wanna spoil things, you know… 🙂

I wasn’t really expecting that it will be this good… Her journey, her suddenly remembering her parents… and wants to find and be with them… It’s a touching story… ❤ Good for the family~

Image result

And I totally adore the new characters as well!!! 😉


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