38 Task Force + Mini Review

I just finished watching this yesterday! And it was totally worth watching!

38 Task Force is about a taxation chief and a conman who teamed up to gather big sum of taxes that rich people don’t pay.

I watched this drama without knowing the plot. Why did I decided to watch it? Because of Seo In Guk. 🙂 As I started watching the first episode, everything was mysterious and there’s so many questions inside my head. I’m getting curious in every episode! And it has tons of twists! Twists that will made you think!

It  doesn’t have a romantic side… Maybe a tiny bit~ 🙂 It’s full of comedy, action and about the law… But it didn’t bore me a bit.

The actors & actresses are also good!!! There’s no dull moment! I love it when they adlib on their parts 😉 (which you can find on the special episode). Plus the director & script writers, it’s just DAEBAK! It’s a well thought Kdrama! 😉

This is one of the 2016 Kdramas I highly recommend!

It has 16 nerve-wracking, intense, funny episodes. Plus a special episode, which I love too!

And for the final episode…

that “We will be back”

I hope they’ll be really back! I want season 2! Who’s with me??? 🙂

I hope you guys watch it! ❤



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