My thoughts about “Legend of the Blue Sea” and “Goblin”

So I started watching both of these dramas lately~ And one of them really took my attention!

Both of the dramas share one thing in common, mythical creatures… And I like it when mythical things are mixed with Kdramas~ But I also like realistic dramas 😉

When I heard that “Legend of the Blue Sea” will air really soon, I was super excited about it! And I told myself that “It’s a must for me to watch this Kdrama”… Then the day came, and I started to watch it… Later on I finished episode one… And I don’t know why it didn’t catch my attention… So I tried watching more episodes, trying to see if it will make me excited for the next episodes to come. But it didn’t… I don’t know why~ The last episode I saw was episode four. And that’s it… I don’t know if I will continue to watch it in the future.

On the other hand…

I saw the trailer of Goblin once… And I said to myself, “I might watch this one~”. And I was reading comments about it when it started airing… And tons of people are saying that it’s good and stuff… So I started watching episode one yesterday… Episode one was so intriguing that I kept on watching~ and guess what? I’m on episode six right now. Now I’m waiting for Friday to come to see what will happen next! There are so many things that needed to be revealed and I’m curious about them!!!

So I guess you know which of them caught my attention! 😀


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