My Top 5 Animated Movies of 2016

These are my top 5 of this year! Guess which is the first one on my list???

#5: Finding Dory


Finding Dory is the sequel to the Disney-Pixar movie, Findin Nemo. This movie is all about Dory’s life. Like where she was from, why does she has a short term memory loss and everything. It’s a sweet, touching and funny movie. In my opinion, I like this better than Finding Nemo.

Check out the trailer:

#4: The Angry Birds Movie


Who who’d have thought that they’ll have a movie. I really didn’t see this coming!!! 😀 When the game was a big hit, I am one of the people who enjoyed this sling shot kinda game with various enjoyable stages! And when I heard that it’s going to have a movie, I really wanna see it! I’m curious on what the story line would be! And the movie is so funny!!! And the baby chicks were to adorable too~ This film is action packed, it has so many witty and funny scenes that I totally enjoy!

Check out the trailer:

#3: The Secret Life of Pets


The big reason why I watched this is because I’m a big fan of Despicable Me Movies and Minions, which are from Illumination, same with The Secret Life of Pets. This movie it totally fun to watch and every pet here has different and quirky characters and their so adorable!!! I love how friendship is shown in this movie! PS: I can’t wait to watch Despicable Me 3 🙂

Check out the trailer:

#2: Zootopia


What’s not to love in Zootopia??? Everything is just awesome!!! I watched this so many times! 😀 And it never gets old!!! I guess every Disney film is just awesome when it comes to story and all~And this movie is all about equality~ And I love it!!!

Check out the trailer:

#1: Storks


And for number one, we have Storks! This movie just won my heart for 2016!!! It’s just so funny hilarious, witty, touching, adorable and did I mention hilarious? 😀 I love every single thing about it!!! If you haven’t watch it, YOU MUST!!! I totally recommend this to everyone who enjoys animated films!

Check out the trailer:

By the way, I haven’t watch Moana… But it would probably be on my list if I watched it! Can’t wait to watch it!!! ❤

What’s your favorite animated movie of this year? Have you watch some of the movies on my top 5? Did I miss any awesome animated movies this year? Comment below!!!


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