Sweet Stranger & Me – Mini Review

Just finished this Rom-Com Kdrama in two days! I started watching it on the 24th & 25th of December!

Sweet Stranger and Me is about a woman named Hong Nari who is a flight attendant. Then one day her mom passed away, and she went back to her hometown. When she visited her mom’s grave, he saw a man lying next to the grave. He is Ko Nan Gil, a mysterious man living in their house. Then as the time pass by~ he introduced himself to Nari as her step-father.

I watched this Kdrama only knowing the “step-father” kinda thing~ But there is more to it… I guess Kdramas are really great with twists!

It’s a very light drama, wherein you can enjoy the story and their acting! It’s only 16 episodes and it’s good to watch within two days! 😉

Now, I’m thinking of watching “D-Day” because of Kim Young Kwang!


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