2017 is almost here!


Hey everyone! I hope you had an awesome 2016, and let’s welcome 2017!!!

Whaaaaaat?!? 2016 is almost over?! Well~ yeah… It’s quite a year to remember! I watched so many Kdramas & movies this year!!! I think this is the year wherein I watched too many Kdramas~

I guess in 2017 I will be a bit sad… why? Because my favorite Korean variety show, Running Man will be ending this February… And I’ve been watching it for 7 years…

It’s just a bit sad, but let’s look on the brighter side!!!

In 2017, The Walking Dead will be resuming it’s seventh season. (Ooooooh yeaaaaah!!!) Stranger Things will air season 2, I’m gonna watch Series of Unfortunate Events and a whole lot more!!! And I’m super excited for Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson!!! And I guess another Fantastic Beasts will be on theaters too! I’m really looking forward to the movie industry this 2017!

Oh, and about my blog, I wanna share to you the development of my second blog:

Here’s 2015:


Here’s 2016:


I wanna say thank you so much for visiting, reading my blog posts, looking into some of my travels in life, and supporting this blog and all!!! I hope you guys had an awesome 2016 and I hope you’ll have a super amazing 2017!!! Be safe everyone!!! You guys are the best! And have a happy 2017! ❤



5 thoughts on “2017 is almost here!

  1. Had to laugh a bit, I was just reading your post on the other blog, and had no idea you were running a second one. Turns out that I completely missed this one lol 😂😂 Yes..2017 is truly shaping up to become a great year for movies, tv series, anime and K-dramas. If only there were more hours in a day somehow 🤔🤔 Hope you will have a great 2017: enjoy it 😊 !

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