Movies I watched this week

Watched three awesome films in the start of 2017! These three films have different genres..

Let’s start with:

Keeping Up With the Joneses 


This comedy action film is about a normal married couple and a secret agent married couple~Their lives crossed together because Tim & Natalie Jones’ mission involving Jeff Gaffney’s (Zach Galifianakis) work… Curious on what will happen? Go and watch it! 😉

Here’s the trailer:

My thoughts about the movie:

This is a super fun movie! It’ll make you laugh! And the action scenes were good as well. I think it will be super cool if they’re going to make a sequel! The two couples make a perfect team!

The Girl with all the Gifts


This is a post-apocalyptic zombie film, but it’s not your average zombie movie! So the story goes with a young girl and other kids in a facility, wherein everyday they should strap themselves securely onto a wheelchair, then two armed guards are going to fetch them in each of their cells to put them in another room. What do you think will happen in the room? Find out and watch the film!

Here’s the trailer:

My thoughts about the movie:

What I like about this film is they were able to show where the virus came from, and it’s from a fungi. It lives in a human body and affects the brain. And because it’s a fungi, it grew on land as well… Thus the kids (the infected kids) are the new generation of the human race… I really like how it began and ended. You won’t notice the time when watching this film! If you’re a zombie movie fan, this is a must watch for you!

The Warriors Gate


This is an action adventure comedy film with gaming world twist. One day a gamer named Jack (Uriah Shelton) was given a vase (I don’t know what it’s called… an old jar… an ancient piece… an artifact?) by his boss… And one night, a man suddenly comes out to the vase… And that’s the start of his journey… Hope you can watch this! It’s really good~

Here’s the trailer:

My thoughts about the movie:

It has a fun concept and I truly enjoy the film. It has comical parts which is good and the location,wow~ it’s just so cool! And If you love adventure movies, go and check this one!

And that’s it~ I hope you go and watch these films~ They’re all worth your time!

Thanks for stopping by~



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