Kdrama: Goblin Mini Review

I finished this drama a long time ago… And I can’t believe that I forgot to put a post about it!

What can I say~ This is going to be one of my favorite dramas of all time! The first episode was so intriguing and you really must watch it ’till the end~

It’s really a fun drama, but there are some moments that are really sad… The actors & actresses are super great here! I love all of their characters!

If you haven’t watch this, well… you’re totally missing one of the good Kdramas~ I suggest you watch it now 😉

But there is something I didn’t like at the end… Why did Sunny & The Grim Reaper forget each other in their next life when they never drank the tea… TT.TT

All in all it’s great, new story line, cool effects, awesome actors & actresses, nice OST, and it’s a super fun drama that will make you sad because it has only 16 episodes… Plus two special episodes… And a recap episode… So yeah!

Here’s the trailer:

You really won’t regret watching it! 😉


2 thoughts on “Kdrama: Goblin Mini Review

  1. I have yet to finish this drama (so I quickly scrolled down when you started talking about the ending (lol😂), but I completely agree. For me it has been one of the best Korean drama shows that I have seen, and I enjoyed it (well still enjoying it 😂), very much 😊

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