Beauty and the Beast + Mini Review


Yesterday, we saw the magical, live action movie of the Disney Classic, Beauty and the Beast.

batb c 1

After watching it, I know that I wanted to watch it again!!! Hoping that they’ll release the DVD ASAP!!!

Let’s look at the poster on the cinema~ I thought that it was super cute and I have to take a video of it no matter what! Because I wanted to share it to you guys~

Isn’t it adorable?! Somehow the credits of the movie resemble this video poster!

Plus the pop corn container!!! It’s just so pretty!!!

batb c 3

Ok, onto the mini review…

batb c 2

Everything was spectacular, magical, and amazing!!! I was never bored. The whole production is so grand, the actors really played their roles perfectly!!! And we all know the story of the Disney classic, but what’s great is they added new scenes and they showed the other characters’ story.

I wanted to stand up and give an applause to every musical number! But I was so shy to do it (LOL). “Be our Guest” might be my favorite part… but I love everything about the movie! I guess my favorite part was everything!

I must say that this is 100 time better than the live action movie for Cinderella.

If you haven’t watch it yet, you must! Really!!! I promise you that you’ll have an enchanted and magical day/night watching it!!!

WARNING! The next part will contain SPOILERS. 

I love the scene they added when Beast has this book, that will make you go anywhere you wanted to~ And so Belle has visited her old home and there she found out what happen to her mom~ And we get to see Mr. Potts, plus all of the villagers were part of the ball and they were once inside the castle and stuff~ I just love everything!!! I wanna watch it again! can’t wait for the DVD to be released!



4 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast + Mini Review

  1. Haha, this the second time this week, that someone is so enthusiastic about this movie. I really like it when reviews are written in this way. It really makes for a fun read, and honestly makes me want to see the movie too. Great review, glad you enjoyed this film so much 😊

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