Defendant + Mini Review

This is the third drama of Ji Sung that I’ve watched. And he never disappoints me!

“Defendant’ is about a prosecutor who suddenly wakes up inside the prison for murdering her wife and daughter.

Interesting right?! And because of that plot (and Ji Sung) I decided to watch this! And I must say, it’s a must watch kdrama if you’re into a drama that is about law, family and friendship (but there are are thrilling and funny scenes as well!)

Everyone acted superbly!!! It will make you wakeful! Every episode will unfold a great amount of backstory (or secrets or things~), but that’s not it! It will continue on unfolding and revealing great stuffs!

All in all I love this drama and it kept me wanting to see more of it! 1st episode got me very intrigued and it hooked me! So yeah~ Try watching it if you haven’t 😉

Plus HaYeon is super cute!!! I really adore this little girl! 😀

WARNING: Spoliers ahead!

The escaping from the prison scene made me really nervous! I like those scenes because they kept trying night after night before really doing the real thing! Oh and when the inmates cover kpop dances! That’s so hilarious and totally unexpected! The ending was perfect… But I hope that Ha Yeon visited Seong Kyu’s grave…



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