The Boss Baby + Mini Review

This movie made me laugh out loud most of the time… I just couldn’t resist their cuteness!!!

The Boss Baby is about a baby who has a secret mission to stop (or prevent) humans for loving puppies more than babies. He then comes to the house of The Templetons.

He arrives riding a yellow cab wearing a black suit and a briefcase. Tim (the son of Mr. & Mrs. Templeton) saw him from his widow. Tim has a very wild imagination and he’s very playful. Then the rivalry of the “brothers” start…

I’ll just be ending my story telling there… Because I really don’t want to give so many spoilers to those who haven’t seen it yet…

So now let’s go onto the review!

The story is very intriguing, funny and it’s fun to watch with your family! I really love all the facial expressions of the boss baby! Dreamworks did a good job in turning this novel (but I don’t know if the novel was completely similar to the movie) into a movie… This made me happy and I will definitely watch this again! I think even if you’re not a kid you will truly enjoy this as much as I did! I love animated films that are fun to watch and has a meaning… I mean this has a deeper meaning~ Just go and watch it! There’s nothing to lose! I promise! 😉

Here’s the trailer:



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