Dramas I’m watching in May 2017

may dramaa

Hey guys! It’s been a while~ And I haven’t updated you with what I’m currently watching… So here they are!


Suspicious Partner

This is an ongoing drama and you know that I love binge watching finished dramas… So you’re probably wondering why did I start watching it…

On a sad gloomy day~ I didn’t have anything to do… Didn’t have anything to watch… And I thought of watching it… But I said to myself… “If I start watching this, I’ll have to wait every week to know what will happen…” You know kdramas have really good cliff-hangers… But then I decided… Let’s do this! I know this drama would be great because of Ji Chang Wook (The K2) and Nam Ji Hyun (Shopping King Louie), plus I like Choi Tae Joon’s acting on “Missing 9″… So yeah~ I started watching it without knowing the plot, without reading the comments and stuff… 

And now I’m patiently waiting for week after week for it~ And so far so good! Love it since the first episode. And I love the cheese-y moments of Ji Wook and Bong Hee~ Hihihi~ They really act well! 🙂

I hope it ends well and the mysteries will be solved!


Fight for my Way

I haven’t really started watching this one… Why? Because I accidentally watched two other dramas… well make that three… But from the trailers of it, I’ll definitely watch this… Maybe once I’m finished with Scarlet Heart, I’m gonna head over this one!


Scarlet Heart

Am I too late to watch this??? Well… maybe… The reason why I’m binge watching this is because of the season 2 rumor… I’m currently on episode 8… and I think I finally mastered the 7 princes’ names and rank 🙂 This is one of the few historical dramas I’m watching~ So yeah~ 🙂


Princess Hours (Thai)

Yes, I’m not only watching Kdramas. I also watch Thai dramas,  Taiwanese dramas, and Philippine dramas and of course US Series 🙂 This is the Thai version of the popular Korean drama with the same title. I think I haven’t watch the Korean version… because it went popular when I was a kid or something and I guess my love for Korean dramas wasn’t there at the moment… This is also ongoing… and I’m currently on episode 8… and the scenery are amazing! 🙂 The castle… It’s just beautiful!!! 😀

And those are the dramas I’m currently watching~ Are you watching them too? Don’t forget to comment below~




4 thoughts on “Dramas I’m watching in May 2017

  1. Looks like you have a good line up going 🙂 I absolutely loved Scarlet Heart! I also plan to watch both Suspicious Partner and Fight For My Way when they get a bit closer to the end. I don’t like having to wait after cliffhangers either, lol

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  2. Fight for my way looks pretty good, the poster on display here is amazing. I’m currently watching Pinocchio (which I absolutely love so far), and Faith (which I don’t really like so far). You have some great shows here it seems. Hope you are going to be enjoying them.

    Liked by 1 person

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