Scarlet Heart + Mini Review


Finished watching it within four days… I think this is the third historical kdrama I’ve watched after “Love in the Moonlight” (18-episode drama) and “Splash Splash Love” (2-episode drama).  I may not watch many historical dramas but I must say I enjoy it… and I think it gave me a knowledge on how the Goryeo Era was… And it’s quite a roller coaster of emotions~

Somehow a historical drama that include time travelling interests me… And that’s why I gave this a try, oh and the season 2 rumor~ 🙂 But I haven’t seen any kdrama sequels or season 2… so I’m not really expecting much…

The 7 Princes have different characteristics which help me to remember who’s who and stuff… Plus what I like about this drama is they always include their name on screen plus their rank as a prince! That totally helped me as well~ 🙂

I really enjoyed the flow of the story. Plus the villains, they really portrayed their characters very well! Well… all of them!

The unexpected turn of events, the unexpected love lines~ Ah…

If there’s a possibility of season 2, I’m in! 😀

The next part contains some spoilers… If you haven’t watch it yet… Don’t proceed to the next part…

That ending! I mean I’m completely ok to the part that Hae Soo (IU) passed away and stuff… because I was ready for that scene. It’s just that I hope that they met in the future… I saw some pictures online about a scene which was not aired… When IU was crying and someone was giving her a handkerchief… I don’t know if it’s for this drama… But I was hoping though… 😀

Oh and when I searched this drama… it says it has 2 special episode… does anyone of you knows what it contains? I haven’t watch it yet… And I’m looking for it…


So yeah I guess that’s it… All in all I enjoyed watching it! Even if it’s a historical drama! 😀 Oh and love the OST too!


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