Okja + Mini Review

This movie blew my mind! One of the best movies I’ve ever seen in my 21 years of existence on earth.

I’m not over reacting or what… but this is definitely one of the movies you SHOULD WATCH!

Okja is one of the super pigs created by the Mirando Corporation. Nancy Mirando was the former CEO of the company, but on 2007 Lucy Mirando took over the company, and then she announces their super pig creation. They released 26 best super pigs all over the world. Then ten years later, Mija from South Korea grew up with her super pig Okja, together with his grandfather. They live a country side. One day, a zoologist of Lucy went to Mija’s home to check on Okja. He then said that Okja was the best super pig among all, and he decided to take Okja to New York. And that’s the start of Mija’s hardships and adventure.

I won’t be telling the whole story… This film has a very deep meaning~ And the effects, it’s superb! Okja is super cuuuute! It’s a two-hour film but I didn’t mind it! I didn’t know that I was sitting, and watching for two hours! And I really suggest you to watch it! If you have some time now, watch it on Netflix! 😉

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, here it is:


4 thoughts on “Okja + Mini Review

  1. I got this on my list to watch for sure. I really love the work by this director/writer, Bong Joon-ho. And after reviewing one of his movies called The Host recently, I am even more hype. 🙂 I would recommend it along with Snowpiercer.

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