Circle: Two Worlds Connected + Mini Review

First ever sci-fi kdrama I’ve ever watched (i think it’s the first sci-fi kdrama too). And I didn’t regret watching it!

Circle is one of the kdramas that are difficult to story-tell… So I will not say anything about the plot or anything because it will just ruin or spoil to those who haven’t watch it…

This is a good drama to binge-watch! Specially it has so many plot twists and plot reveals. It’s a super fun and nerve-wracking drama. I highly recommend this to those who are into sci-fi and mystery dramas!

Everything was well thought. And the execution of it was quite well too! And the facilities and the places were believable!

All in all I really enjoyed it. And I had a blast watching it!

Check out the trailer:



Don’t read beyond this part if you haven’t watch it yet 😉

Even if the ending was a bit open… It’s cool for me~ But I still do wonder why and what will happen to Byul~ It still remains a mystery… 🙂


3 thoughts on “Circle: Two Worlds Connected + Mini Review

  1. I really look forward to seeing this one. Unfortunately this one isn’t available for me here yet. Have read very good things about this series somfar though, so hopefully it will be released here soon. Great (mini) review 😀

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