Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo

1cadburyoreo 1

Two great things combined to make a new and amazing chocolate bar! Two of my favorite sweets are now in one! 🙂

When you open the packaging, you can’t see the chocolate yet, you have to open another layer~

1cadburyoreo 21cadburyoreo 3

And here it is! Sorry if it looks a bit melted… I live in a hot country~ XD

1cadburyoreo 4

Now let’s bite into it!

The oreo bits are covered with Cadbury Dairy Milk! And if you’re asking if it’s yummy, well yes, yes it is! It’s your typical oreo & Cadbury Dairy milk combined. No other special taste or whatsoever!

1cadburyoreo 5

If you want an upgrade to your regular Cadbury Dairy Milk, grab this and take a bite (make sure you pay for it first 😉 hehehehe)!


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