Descendants 2 + Mini Review

So the sequel for Descendants aired days ago and I watched it for maybe like 4 times already~ 🙂 I enjoy Disney musical movies… So I tend to watching them again…  I look at the choreography, cinematography and their wardrobes as well… 😀

I’m a big fan of the TV movie series, and not to mention I read the novels too~ 🙂


Ok so let’s go back to the sequel~ It’s back with new VKs (Villain Kids) and the story sets mostly on the Isle.


(from left to right: Gil – son of Gaston, Uma – daughter of Ursula, Harry – son of Capt. Hook)

The story took place 6 months after the first movie, and it’s about Mal having issues with her being “the lady of the court” and she misses being wicked and stuff~ 🙂 If you haven’t checked out the first movie, watch it first before this one 😉

It’s a really good TV movie and the set is very nice! And their outfits! OMG!!! Everything is so pretty~ ❤ The songs are catchy and the dance are also powerful! 🙂 My favorite number will be “Chillin’ Like A Villain”…

(You’ll be chillin’… chillin’… Chillin’ like a Villain~)

And the new comers in the movie also did great! They portrayed they’re characters neatly~ The casting is perfect! 🙂 Here’s a proof! 😀

All in all it’s very nice for a TV movie! All ages can enjoy and appreciate it! I would definitely watch Descendants 3! 😉



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