Hit the Top + Mini Review

If you’re watching the variety show “2 days & 1 night”, you will surely enjoy this drama! But if you don’t… it’s still enjoyable, funny, mysterious and entertaining!

“Hit the Top”, a.k.a “The Best Hit” is about a kpop idol from 1993 who time traveled to 2017.

But there’s definitely more to the story as always~ 🙂

What to expect on this drama? Tons of cameos on the first two episodes… 🙂 And you’ll surely laugh while watching it! I like dramas that make you smile and forget your worries for some time~ 🙂

I enjoyed every episode! Every end of it wants to keep you on watching~ Glad that I binge watched this one. And the “epilogues” or the “extra scenes” at the end of the episodes are really worth waiting for! Don’t forget to watch those part after every episode! Plus the OST~ I added some of the songs to my playlist 🙂

I love the cast! It’s like their not acting at all~ It makes you comfortable to watch 🙂

All in all it’s fun and entertaining to watch. You won’t notice the time when watching it! I guess this will be included on my favorite kdrama list 😉



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