Your Name + Mini Review

“Your Name” is about a girl and a boy switching bodies. Taki, a high school boy lives in Tokyo and Mitsuha, a high school girl who lives in Itomuri, a small town. They’re lives became more exciting when Mitsuha wished to became a handsome boy because she’s bored and sick of the place she’s living in~ And that’s how their story and the mystery begins…

I love every part of it~ It made me smile, a bit sad, worried and intrigued. I’m so happy that I watched it in English dub! And the animation was pretty cool! I’ve been watching some Studio Gibli films… And I’m somehow used to seeing and watching anime~ 🙂

I like the story line and how the events slowly and abruptly unfold. It’s a great film and I really recommend you to watch it if you haven’t.

Glad that I’ve bumped into this and watched it! 🙂

(Is it just me? Because I really wanted a sequel~ Or I just wanted more… LOL)


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