17 dramas I’ve finished in 2017

17 dramas

2017 is ending soon~ And here are 17 dramas that I’ve finished this year! I didn’t plan to finish 17 dramas in 2017~ Hmmm… shall I watch 18 dramas in 2018? 🙂

I always do mini reviews for dramas and movies I watched, but I never rate them or something… So why not rate them today! 🙂

I’ll do the list according to when I finished watching them, so let’s start with the first drama I watched in 2017 and it’s

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

It’s a 16 episode drama. It’s sweet, non stressful drama and will give you a good amount of laughter. It focuses on college students that wants to pursue their dreams.

My rating for this is: 6.5/10


One of the most talked about and popular drama of 2017. It has 16 episodes and has 2 special episodes that contains behind the scenes. This drama is about a goblin who lives for hundreds of years, then suddenly she meets her bride that will eventually pull of the sword on his chests and makes him vanish forever. But I think all of you know how this drama goes and how it ends~ 🙂

My rating for this is: 8.2/10

Missing 9

Missing 9 is a masterpiece! Started with a very intriguing and thrilling episode and ended very good and detailed. I love this from start to finish. It has 16 episodes and has 2 special episode (I couldn’t watch the special episodes… huhuhu… 😦 ). If you’re looking for a thrilling, entertaining and fun drama, I recommend you to watch this!

My rating for this is: 9.7/10

Introvert Boss

Introvert Boss is an office-romance drama that has 16 episodes. It’s a so-so drama, I mean there’s nothing too special about it~ But I finished it. 🙂

 My rating for this is: 5/10


This drama has 18 nerve-wracking episodes. It’s a legal-thriller drama. It’s about a prosecutor who is wrongfully accused of murdering his own wife and daughter. I didn’t get bored with this one! It’s a must watch drama!

 My rating for this is: 9.2/10

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

This is a 16 episode drama about a woman who has super power strength, but she should only use them in good ways~ This super strength is hereditary to all the woman family members. This is a fun drama that will make you laugh! I think the ending of this drama is a wish come true. 🙂

My rating for this is: 8/10

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

This drama finished last 2016, but I watched this this year. And this is probably one of my favorite historical-fantasy drama. It has 20 episodes and man~ many things happened in this drama! It may not have a happy ending… but I still love it and I’m still hoping for a season 2…

My rating for this is: 9.2/10

Circle: Two Worlds Connected

This drama impressed me a lot, and I guess this is the first sci-fi kdrama I’ve watched. The first episode’s first half made me want to watch more but the second half made me a bit sleepy, but the second episode convinced me to continue watching it! And I didn’t regret it! It has 12 episode and it’s mind-blowing and confusing to watch, but once you finished it, all the missing lines to the dots will be connected. Just like the title 😉

My rating for this is: 9.6/10

Fight for My Way

Fight for My Way is about The Crazy Fantastic Four who has been friends since childhood. It has 16 episodes and this drama has a realistic story~ This rom-com drama is enjoyable and fun.

My rating for this is: 8/10

My Only Love Song

It’s a rom-com, time-travelling drama. It’s ok to watch and had some fun moments. It has 20 episodes and each episode has a 30-min run time.

My rating for this is: 5/10

Suspicious Partner 

A super fun drama with a touch of thriller. One of my faves this year. Episode one will truly hook you into it! It has 40 episodes and it’s 30 minutes per episode. I like the chemistry between the casts.

My rating for this is: 9/10

Hit the Top

Hit the Top will surely be a part of my favorite dramas. It’s a rom-com-time traveling drama. This drama gave tons of joy, it revolves not only on the leads of the drama, but also to the minor leads. It’s interesting from the start until the end! And the epilogues of the drama are priceless!

My rating for this is: 9.5/10

School 2017

Image result for school 2017 kdramas

This is the first ever I watched from the School Series. It’s about the happenings in the school, not just about the students, but it also tackles the faculty and staffs. I really enjoy this one! And it’s so adorable as well!

My rating for this is: 8.2/10

My Secret Romance

It has 13 episodes and it’s also a so-so drama… I somehow finished it but it didn’t have anything special to it… It’s a rom-com with 13 episodes.

My rating for this is: 4/10

Save Me

This is a very remarkable drama that will make you aware of things~ It’s about a group of friends who saw a woman who says ‘save me’. This drama is well written and well executed. It’s a must watch drama of 2017!

My rating for this is: 9.7/10

King is Not Easy

This is the only Chinese drama I’ve watched this year.  It’s super fun, this drama has so many components such as body-switching, time traveling and it’s rom-com! I had so much fun with this one, and I recommend this if you’re looking for something funny, light and entertaining.

My rating for this is: 9.4/10

While You Were Sleeping

Ah~ this is well written, well executed and it’s really interesting. Love this whole drama, at first I thought it’s the same old story about a girl who can see the future and stuff, but it isn’t. There’s a whole lot more to it! I love how their connections build up~ One of my faves this year, and it’s surely a must watch kdrama.

My rating for this is: 9.7/10

And that’s it! Those are the dramas I’ve watched in 2017. Some of them are interesting, good and intriguing and some of them are just so-so~

There are dramas in 2017 that I started to watch but didn’t get to finish, maybe because I find them a bit boring, not intriguing at all or I just lost interest with it.

Here are they:

Legend of the Blue Sea


Bride of the Water God

Man to Man

Chief Kim

The Liar and his Lover

Radiant Office

And that’s a wrap!

I’m looking forward in watching kdramas / cdramas in the coming 2018. I hope this time I’ll finish 18~

What are your favorites this year? And what are the dramas that you don’t find appealing at all? Leave your comments below!

Happy Holidays everyone!







4 thoughts on “17 dramas I’ve finished in 2017

  1. Great list: I have watched way too few Korean dramas this year, which is something I hope to change next year. Goblin was my nr1 this year though. I absolutely loved that one and thoroughly enjoyed it. Great post ! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oooh! 17 in 2017. I love it! You should definitely go for 18 in 2018. Unless of course you find so many dramas that you love that you just want to keep going, lol. I watched all but a few on your list. We definitely liked a lot of the same dramas. I’m glad you had a lot of love for Missing 9. That drama was fantastic and didn’t get enough credit. And of course, I have so much love for Scarlet Heart! And of course, Circle, Suspicious Partner, While You Were Sleeping, Hit the Top, Goblin, and Save Me. Looking forward to more great dramas in 2018!

    Liked by 1 person

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