Avengers Infinity War + Mini Review


Wassup you guys! We watched Avengers Infinity Wars on their second day on theaters, and…


Well of course it’s just part one, and everything in the story was hanging… but even if it’s just the first part I think it blew eveyones’ mind! As you all know I don’t give any spoilers here… Just be prepared and don’t you ever leave the cinema before the credit ends. It’s a big big loss if you do~ Oh and when the movie ended I was in shock, a bit freaked out and I was really hoping to see more.

The whole movie is entertaining, it doesn’t have a dull moment, and it kept me focus on every scene. To be honest,  I really want to watch it again! I must say if you haven’t seen it on the big screen, make sure to buy your tickets now and go watch it!

And that’s it… I truly can’t wait for the part 2 and I will wait for the upcoming Marvel movies!

I hope you watch it on the big screen! ❤


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