About Me

Hello! 😀

First of all, thank you so much for clicking my blog!!! 😀

I’m Jham and I was born on the year 1995.

This is my very first nail art blog! And I’m so excited about this! I will be sharing some of my nail art designs and how to do them.

Oh! And I have a nail art blog too!


Don’t forget to check it out ! ! !

I’m a humorous person! I like my family and friends to laugh 😀 I love wearing sneakers outside!!! And platform shoes as well! I love dogs and other cute animals!!! 😀 I like to sing out loud like no one is with me 😀 Oh and I like to do voices(I’m not weird, right?)  I love Disney movies!!! I totally adore minons (from Despicable Me) !!! I also watch Studio Ghibli movies. Hmmm… What else am I missing??? Oh I wear eye glasses. I like to wear socks that  has cute prints and colors!!! And also rings!!! I’ll try to post some of my rings on this blog too!  I am somehow talkative… I also love to read novels and collect PARIS stuffs, especially Eiffel Tower stuffs 🙂

Q & A Portion:

Q: Do you like watching movies?

A: Oh YEAH!!! I love watching movies with different genre!!! 🙂

Q: What kind of music do you listen to?

A: I listen to kpop music, Western music and I listen to cover songs! 😀

Q: Do you watch any series?

A: Yes I do, they are: The Walking Dead, Once Upon A Time, Under the Dome, Fear The Walking Dead

Q: Do you play games? What are they?

A: Yes! I play The Sims 4, some PSP games and Clash of Clans and I have a clan too! It’s called Kpop Royalties, just search it if you guys want to join! 😀


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