Descendants 2 + Mini Review

So the sequel for Descendants aired days ago and I watched it for maybe like 4 times already~ 🙂 I enjoy Disney musical movies… So I tend to watching them again…  I look at the choreography, cinematography and their wardrobes as well… 😀

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Tangled Sequel?!

Tangled (my favorite Disney Princess movie) is going to have a TV movie sequel plus a TV series!!! Say what~ The TV movie sequel will be Tangled: Before Ever After, this comes before the events of the mini movie that was released in 2012, Tangled: Ever After. And for the TV series, Tangled: The Series, I still don’t know if it’s set after the TV movie sequel or the mini movie (but I’m guessing the TV series will continue the events of the TV movie sequel, making the 2012 mini movie the finale of the story)

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